First Professional Review

Hey guys!

This has been a dream of mine for a long time. To see it realized is enough to make a grown girl cry…  lol

I received my first professional review and was excited to see it was a positive one. 4 out of 4 stars YEAH!! If you’re interested in reading it, please continue below.

onlinebookclub review by Peace NK – April 24, 2022

“Harvesting Evil: by CJ Wheeler is an amazing mystery and crime thriller mixed with romance. The commitment of Sheriff Parker to the civilians is put to the test by this evil that masquerades itself in darkness and leaves no trail behind. In unraveling this case, Parker’s secret from her past began to come to light.

The unique features of each character blended in to produce this beautiful, heartwarming book. I loved that Parker had a sense of strong will, independence, and charisma. Phil was very smart but still had difficulty fitting into his duty since he was new. Agent Locke had a charming aura, and Mike was too good at his job. The storyline can be compared to a plane in a windstorm, and the writer made sure to land the plane safely.

Even as a first-time writer, according to page 3 of this book, CJ Wheeler made a strong impression on me. The writing skills, content, narrative, and everything generally impressed me. I had my eyes glued to the book in anticipation of what was coming next, and indeed, the author did not let down my expectations.

Harvesting Evil: Murder on the Lakeshore also sheds light on the issue of parental upbringing. I would not fail to mention that every national problem was once a regional problem. Every regional problem was once a community problem. Every community problem was once a family problem, and every family problem began due to the neglect of one individual.

My rating for Harvesting Evil: Murder on the Lakeshore is 4 out of 4 stars. I love every aspect of the book, and even the characters’ names were a perfect match. I have no negative aspects to discuss in this book. The book was still edited professionally.

This book will greatly benefit young readers, especially teens. But it’s not advisable to be read by children due to the horrific scenes and sexual content. I advise every reader to pay attention to the content and not just skim through the book. If you appreciate books on crime detection and serial killing, this book will suit you.”