Harvesting Evil

On the idyllic eastern shores of Lake Michigan, the quiet resort town of Port Orion, Michigan has become prime hunting ground for a serial killer.

One by one, young, beautiful women’s mutilated corpses continue to surface, and the timeline between each victim is shrinking.

As Sheriff Parker Anderson pulls her inexperienced team together to find the madman terrorizing her community, a third victim is discovered, and the Port Orion Sheriff’s department finds its resources stretched to the limit. As pressure mounts, Parker reaches out to the FBI for assistance.

Enter Special Agent Oliver Locke, who has seen more than his fair share of serial sexual homicide cases, though even he hasn’t encountered a psychopath with this level of violence. Working a serial case against a cunning criminal mind who leaves no evidence will test his expertise and his determination.

In little time, the investigation turns into a dangerous cat and mouse game, as Parker finds herself the target in this vicious killers’ cross hairs. And she has no idea how close he really is.

As the window of opportunity to prevent another victim closes, Sheriff Anderson and Agent Locke will need to set their personal differences aside to catch this maniac.